1.      Services Available With us to Set Up Enterprises
Steps to start a New Enterprise and assistance rendered
Assistance/Consultancy rendered to Existing Enterprises

Preparation of Reports/Directories/Project Profiles
Other Schemes of Development Commissioner (MSME)

Branches of MSME Development Institute, Cuttack

1.      Services Available With us to Set Up Enterprises


Industrial Motivation Campaign(IMC) of One Day:

  Organized in order to identify and motivate prospective & existing entrepreneurs

  Inputs on identification of products location, Resources and steps for setting up Enterprise

  Establishing linkages with promotional agencies and financial institutions etc.


   Entrepreneurship Development Programme(EDP) of Two Weeks:


  Organized in order to nurture the talent of youth on various aspects of Industrial activity required to set up MSEs

  Information provided on product/process design, manufacturing practices involved, testing & quality control, selection and usage of appropriate machinery and equipment, project profile preparation, marketing avenues/techniques, finance, export opportunities, infrastructure facilities available etc. 


Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Programme (ESDP) of Six Weeks:

  Entrepreneurship Development through product/process design, manufacturing practices involved, testing & quality control, selection and usage of appropriate machinery and equipments, project profile preparation, marketing avenues/techniques, finance, export opportunities, infrastructure facilities available  

  Skill upgradation through theory/practical/demonstration on identified product/ service.   


Management Development Programmes(MDP) of Two Weeks:

  The objective is to improve their decision making capabilities resulting in higher productivity and profitability of existing and potential entrepreneurs and developing new enterprises.

  Management Training courses on various areas of industrial management like industrial management, HRM, marketing management, export management and documentation, materials management, financial management, IT, ISO etc.

  Devised for owner-cum-manager and supervisory level personnel of MSMEs.


Business Skill Development Programme(BSDP) of 22 working days:

  Tailor-made Courses for new entrepreneurs through selected Business Schools, Technical Institutes.

  Objective is to encourage educated youth (students) basically the final year and pre-final year students of business schools, Technical Institutes to start self-employment ventures.

  Inputs on product/process design, manufacturing, testing, selection of appropriate machinery and technology, marketing techniques, pricing, export, financial parameters, market study, preparation of project profiles, quality management standards/Tools, creativity, value engineering, industrial design/patent etc.  


Skill Development Programme(SDP) of Six Months:

  Organised at Workshops at MSME-DI, Cuttack and its branches at Rourkela  & Rayagada

  Provides six months training to workers of industries as well as other candidates to sharpen their skill on various trades like Fitting, Turning, Welding and Machining. 


  Common Facility Services available at Workshops:

  Services in lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, shaping machine and heat treatment at MSME-DI, Cuttack.

  CFS in shaping machine and lathe at Br. MSME-DI, Rourkela

  CFS in lathe, welding and shaping, column drill at Br. MSME-DI, Rayagada


2. Steps to start a New Enterprise and assistance rendered:


The main steps involved in setting up a Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise are given below:-

(a)    Identification of the product: MSME Development Institute assists the prospective entrepreneurs to choose their item of production through one to one interaction with the entrepreneur, industrial motivational campaign and other Entrepreneurship Development Training Programmes.


(b)    Project Selection including identification of Location: MSME Development Institute is equipped with officers from different trades like Mechanical, Metallurgy, Electrical & Electronics, Chemical, Glass & Ceramics, Food, Textile, Leather & Footwear, Industrial Management & Training and Economic Investigation who provide consultancy in identification of products, preparation of project profiles.


(c)     Selection of Technology and Machinery: The technical officer of MSME Development Institute provides specific information on source and availability of latest technology and machinery for production. 


(d)     Arranging Finance: This Institute forwards the application of its trainees to different banks for availing financial assistance for setting up of their enterprise. Besides, the viable project of any entrepreneur is forwarded to the bank for availing financial assistance through Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprise Scheme without any collateral security.


(e)    Unit Development: This Institute provides expert techno-managerial and economic consultancy in specific areas for unit development.


(f)     Filing of Entrepreneurs Memorandum(EM): The prospective entrepreneur can get his proposed unit registered under EM-I through concerned District Industries Centre.


(g)     Approvals/Clearances: The entrepreneur is to get clearances from different agencies like State Pollution Control Board, Factories and Boilers,District Industries Centre and District Employment Office etc. before launching his enterprise formally. 


(h)    Quality Certification: MSME Development Institute also provides consultancy for acquiring different quality standards and its reimbursement procedure as per the guidelines of DC(MSME).


3.Assistance/Consultancy rendered to Existing Enterprises:


  Diversification of product and Technology Up gradation- This Institute provides guidance to the entrepreneurs for diversification of the product catering to the market demand and upgrade their present technology to the state of art technology.  The CLCSS scheme aims at facilitating Technology Upgradation of Micro and Small Enterprises by providing 15% capital subsidy (12% prior to 2005) on institutional finance availed by them for induction of well established and improved technology in approved sub-sectors/products. The admissible capital subsidy under the revised scheme is calculated with reference to purchase price of Plant and Machinery.


  Product development and Quality improvement- This Institute provides consultancy and guidance on better quality of the products for which there is provision of reimbursement of 75% limited to Rs.75,000/- whichever is lower for acquiring ISO-9000/14001/HACCP.  Also there is a provision for reimbursement of 75% limited to Rs.1,00,000/- whichever is lower for acquiring ISO-18000/22000/27000 Certification.  Also MSME manufacturing units will be provided subsidy to the extent of 75% of the actual expenditure, towards licensing of product to National/International Standards. The maximum GOI assistance allowed per MSME is Rs.1.5 lakh  for obtaining product licensing / Marking to National Standards and Rs. 2.0 lakh (Average Rs. 1.50 lakh) for obtaining product licensing /Marking to International standards.


  Marketing Development Assistance (MSME- MDA): - The scheme offers funding upto 75% in respect of to and fro air fare for participation by MSME Entrepreneurs in overseas fairs/trade delegations. The scheme also provide for funding for producing publicity material (upto 25% of costs) Sector specific studies (upto Rs. 2 lakhs) and for contesting anti-dumping cases (50% upto Rs. 1 lakh).


  Vendor Development Programme (VDP) for Ancillarization: VDPs are being organized by MSME Development Institutes to provide common platform to PSUs/Large Scale Enterprises both in public and private sector as buyers and MSME units as sellers in order to provide appropriate market linkages and to facilitate a business tie-up between them for mutual benefit.


     Training Programme on Packaging for Exports: The objective of this scheme is to educate the MSEs entrepreneurs about the scientific packaging techniques, latest design of packaging technology and improve their packaging standards and to highlight the importance of packaging in marketing.


  Awareness/Sensitization Programmes: This Institute organizes Awareness/Sensitization program  on National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP), Cluster Development, Packaging for Exports, Product certification, WTO and IPR, ISO-9000/TQM,  CGTMSE, CLCSS and other need based programme for the benefits of MSMEs in the State.

4.Preparation of Reports/Directories/Project Profiles:


Besides this Institute also prepares different reports as per the annual action plan received from the O/o DC(MSME),New Delhi and also as per the demand of the entrepreneurs of the State.


1.         Preparation of State Profile:


This Institute prepares one State Profile every alternative year as per guidelines of O/o. DC(MSME), New Delhi.  This covers various aspects like availability of natural resources, raw materials, human resources, role of promotional agencies and financial institutions, technical services provided for setting up of the enterprises, concessions/incentives available for the MSME sector by the Government of India as well as the State Government and also the scope for setting up of new industries basing upon the availability of resources and demand.


2.         District Industrial Potentiality Survey Report:


            This Institute conducts Industrial Potentiality Survey of 20% of total district every year as per the guidelines of DC(MSME), New Delhi and prepares the report with the focus on  physical and geographical features, availability of natural and human resources, present infrastructural position and industrial scenario with identification of prospective industries and thrust areas which can be promoted in the district.


3. Preparation of Annual Report of this Institute: The Annual Report of this Institute which is published once in a year is the mirror of the activities undertaken by this Institute. The Report reflects comprehensively the activities carried out by this Institute.


4.         Preparation of Specialized Reports/Status report/Directory:


            This Institute conducts Studies and prepares special reports as and when assigned by O/o. DC (MSME), New Delhi or demanded by any promotional organization.  Recently, this Institute has prepared a Specialized Report on Status of Un-organized Sector in the state of Orissa with special emphasis on Silver Filigree Industry at Cuttack. Also Status reports and Directory on different products group is prepared.


7.         Preparation of Project Profile and Detailed Project Report:


            Technical Officers of this Institute prepares the DPR & project profiles for the benefit and use of prospective and existing entrepreneurs of the state.  This Institute has also been preparing and supplying project profiles to the entrepreneurs who are applying for financial assistance under PMEGP every year.


8. Other Activities and Services: The other activities and services rendered by this Institute includes NSIC Inspection & Joint Capacity Assessment. This Institute acts as convenor for Sub-SLIIC Body for forwarding of eligible cases to the SLIIC for approval and revival of the potential Enterprise.


5.Other Schemes of Development Commissioner (MSME):

Office of the Development Commissioner operates a number of schemes for the MSME sector for providing assistance to both prospective and existing entrepreneurs. At a glance these are:-


1.   National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP) Schemes Under XI Plan - The Government  of India has announced formulation of National Competitiveness Programme in 2005 with an objective to support the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in their endeavor to become competitive and adjust the competitive pressure caused by liberalization and moderation of tariff rates. There are 10 components of this NMCP Schemes as follows:


i)        Promotion of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in MSME Sector: The objective of the scheme is to carry out diagnostic mapping of potential clusters and motivate them to adopt the ICT Tools and applications for their production and business process with a view to improve their competitiveness in national and international market


ii)         Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme(LMCS): The objective of this scheme is to increase the competitiveness of the MSME sector though the adoption of LM techniques with the objective of reducing waste, increasing productivity, introducing innovative practices for improving overall competitiveness, inculcating good management system and imbibing a culture of continuous improvement.


iii)     Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs: The main objective of the Design Clinic is to bring the MSME Sector and design expertise into a common platform, to provide expert advice and solutions on real time design problems resulting in continuous improvement and value addition for existing products. 


      iv) Marketing Assistance & Technology Upgradation Scheme for MSMEs: This programme aims at improving the marketing competitiveness of MSME sector in the Domestic as well as international market by improving their techniques and technologies, promotion of experts and to provide a check on imports also.


      v) Enabling manufacturing sector to be competitive through Quality Management Standards (QMS) and Quality Technology Tools(QTT): The objective of the scheme is to sensitize and encourage MSEs to adopt latest QMS and QTT and to keep a watch on sectoral development by undertaking the activities.


vi) Technology and Quality Upgradation support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(TEQUP): The objective of this scheme is to sensitize the manufacturing MSME sector in India to the use of energy efficient technologies and manufacturing processes so as to reduce cost of production and the emissions of Green House Gases(GHGs).  The second objective is to improve the product quality of MSMEs and to encourage them towards becoming globally competitive through certification of products to national and international standards.


vii) Marketing Support/Assistance to MSMEs (Bar Code): The basic objective of granting financial assistance to the MSEs is to enhance their marketing competitiveness by motivating and encouraging them for use of Bar Codes. Units acquiring Bar Code prefix number from GS1 India are eligible for reimbursement of 75% of one time registration charges and 75% of Annual recurring fees for 3 years from MSME-DI,Cuttack.


viii) Setting up of Mini Tool Room under Public Private Partnership Mode(PPP): The Ministry of MSME, government of India is implementing the scheme to develop more tool room facilities i.e. technological support to MSMEs by creating capacities in the private sector for designing and manufacturing quality tools and also to provide training facilities in the related areas. 


ix) Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs):  The objective of this scheme is to enhance the awareness of MSMEs about Intellectual Property Rights(IPRs) to take measure for protecting their ideas and business strategies.  Effective utilization of IPR tools like patents,trade marks,copy rights,GI etc by MSMEs would also assist them in technology upgradation and enhancing competitiveness. 


x)  Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators:  The main objective of this scheme is to assist incubation of innovative business ideas that could be commercialized in a short period of time resulting in the formation of MSMEs that have distinctive presence in the market. The scheme is implemented in a PPP mode.    


2.Scheme of National Award - The Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Government of India with a view to recognize the efforts and contribution of MSMEs confers  Awards annually to selected entrepreneurs and enterprises under the Scheme of National Award.  The awards are given for various categories such as Research and Development Efforts, Entrepreneurship & Quality Products.  The first, second and third National Award carry a cash prize of Rs.1,00,000/-, Rs.75,000/- and Rs.50,000/- respectively, a certificate and a trophy.  


3.   Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP) - DC(MSME) launched MSE-CDP for holistic development of selected MSEs clusters through value chain and supply chain management on co-operative basis. This aims at holistic and integrated development of MSEs through Soft Interventions, Hard Interventions and Infrastructure Upgradation.


4.   Scheme for Capacity Building - Scheme for capacity building, strengthening of database and advocacy by industry/ enterprise associations, as envisaged in the promotional package for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs).


5.   Credit Guarantee Fund  Trust  for Micro & Small Enterprises(CGTMSE): The objective of this scheme is to ensure better flow of credit to micro and small enterprises by minimizing the risk perception of financial institutions and banks in lending without collateral security. The scheme covers collateral free credit facility (Both Term loan and Working Capital) extended by eligible lending institution to the new and existing MSEs upto Rs.100 lakhs for borrowing units.


6.Tread Related Enterpreneurship Assistance and Development Scheme for Women(TREAD): The Ministry of MSME has launched the scheme of TREAD for economic empowerment of women specially illiterate and semiliterate women of rural and urban areas for the development of their entrepreneurial skill in non-farm activities.


      7.   Scheme to Support 5 Selected University/Colleges to Run 1200 Entrepreneurship Clubs per Annum The scheme aims to develop linkages of the entrepreneurs with the knowledge institutions while MSME -Development Institute acts as facilitator. It provides support to form Entrepreneurship Clubs at selected Universities throughout India so that a kind of communication between Universities, Entrepreneurs, Development Institutes, and students can be established by providing financial help in formation and maintenance of E-Clubs at Universities.


8.   Rajiv Gandhi Udyami Mitra Yojana (RGUMY)-  The objective of this scheme is to provide hand-holding support and assistance to the potential first generation entrepreneurs through the selected lead agencies i.e. Udyami Mitras in the establishment and management of the new enterprise, completion of various formalities required for setting up and running up of the enterprise and in dealing with various procedural and legal hurdles.


9. Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln(VSBK) Technology for adoption and promotion in Brick Manufacturing Units:  The adoption of the VSBK technology can lead to substantial reduction in cost by energy conservation.  It would also lead to reduction of Green House Gas Emissions. This office has established a Demonstration Centre under PPP mode at M/s.Swapneswar Bricks Industry ,Sundargram, Cuttack for  showcasing the Technology and to impart training to the Workmen for promotion of VSBK Technology. This office has also established a Brick Testing centre at MSME-DI Workshop at Khapuria, Cuttack to provide facilitation for soil testing and brick testing for the existing brick units in the state.


These Schemes and programmes are illustrative and for details please log on to the websites.


6.Branches of MSME Development Institute, Cuttack:


         Branch Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Ministry of MSME, Government of India, C-9, Industrial Estate, Rourkela-769004, Tel. No. (0661) 2402492 Email-           

         Branch Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Ministry of MSME, Government of India, New Colony, Rayagada-765001, Tel. No.(06856) 222268.

Email: brdcdi-raya@dcmsme.gov.in