Assistance/Consultancy to different Programmes  

  1. Assistance/ Consultancy to prospective & Entrepreneurs
  2. Assistance/Consultancy rendered to existing Units
  3. Training Programme/ Campaign
  4. Workshop/ Seminars/ Awareness Programmes
  5. Ancillary Development Work
  6. Export Promotion
  7. Reports/ Project Profiles/ Status Reports/ Directories
  8. Information & Data Bank
  9. Cluster Development
  10. Other Activities


  1. Assistance/ Consultancy to prospective  Entrepreneurs:
  2. Under this activity, the following services are being rendered to the entrepreneurs to set up their units.

    1. Motivation through Campaigns & training through EDP/MDP
    2. Selection of Product and location
    3. Selection of machinery and technology.
    4. Marketing/ financial assistance
    5. Preparation of Detail Project Reports
    6. Assistance in coordination with District Industries  Centre (DICs) & other agencies.

  3. Assistance/Consultancy rendered to existing Units:
    1. Technology up-gradation  and use of improved manufacturing technologies/ Design/ Process.
    2. Improvement in tooling
    3. Quality improvement & product development
    4. Consultancy for diversification.
    5. Consultancy for managerial/ marketing/ financial related matters.
    6. NSIC registration  to participate in the Government Store Purchase Programme.
    7. Technical  assistance on plant & machinery including lay out.

  4. Training Programme/ Campaign:
  5. This Institute conducts various training programmes for the benefit of prospective as well as existing entrepreneurs of the state.  These are as follows:

    1. Industrial Motivational Campaigns:
      This Institute conducts Industrial Motivational Campaigns at different   places of the state to motivate the prospective entrepreneurs and make them aware of the role of different promotional organizations and assistance given for promotion and development of  SME Units.  The viable project which can be set up based on resources available and demand of the people are also discussed.

    2. Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme both product- cum-process oriented.
      In this programme the candidates are imparted training on different aspects of entrepreneurship including steps to set up SMEs, sources of finance, besides practical training and demonstrations are also arranged to develop the skill and have knowledge on technical development of the product speakers from various promotional agencies deliver the talk on different aspects of the industries. Necessary assistance are also extended to identify items and also to prepare the project profiles to set up the industries. Certificates are also issued after successful completion of the training.

    3. Management Development Training Programme:
      In this training programme, candidates are trained on various aspects of   marketing, financial, export, industrial management.  Certificates are also issued to candidates after successful completion of the training.

    4. Skill Development Training Programme:
      The 3 workshops under this Institute at Cuttack, Rourkela, and Rayagada provide half yearly training to workers of industries as well as other candidates to sharpen their skill on various trades like fitter, turner, welder and machinist.  Certificates are issued to trainees after successful completion of the programme.

    5. PMRY Training Programme:
      The candidates selected under PMRY scheme are trained by officers of this Institute at various places of the state under different DICs before starting their venture.

  6. Workshop/ Seminars/ Awareness Programmes:
  7. This Institute conducts workshops/ seminars/ awareness programmes on different themes like pollution control, energy conservation, waste minimization, ISO-9000/ TQM, ODS/ WTO/ IPR, etc. for the benefit of SME units in the state.

  8. Ancillary Development Work:
  9. This Institute render the following services for the development of ancillary industries in the State.

    1. Vendor Development Programme:
      Through this programme, opportunities are created for the Mother Plants and small scale units to have a dialogue for marketing tie-up to support each other to fulfill the requirements and to economize product cost.

    2. Registration with OSCX:
      The SME units are registered with the Sub-contract Exchange of this Institute to have a Channel to market their product as per the  requirement of Mother Plants, and Public Sector Undertakings. [Details]

  10. Export Promotion:
    1. Training on Packaging for Export:
      This training programme is conducted every year to impart training to the exporting and export worthy entrepreneurs to know the techniques of packaging to make the product safe and attractive and cost effective.

    2. Participation in International Trade Fair:
      The Exporting & Export Worthy SME units are recommended to participate and exhibit their products in various international/ national trade exhibitions on behalf of the DC(MSME), New Delhi at the cost of the Government of India to generate export business.

    3. Export Management Training Programme:
      This programme is conducted for exporting and export worthy SME enterprises to know all about export procedure, potentiality and functions of promotional organizations, etc. in the field of export.

    4. Disseminating Information on Export enquiries:
      The export enquiries received from various official sources and publications are disseminated to the concerned units to have negotiations with buyers in the overseas countries.

  11. Reports/ Project Profiles/ Status Reports/ Directories
    1. District Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports:
      Every year this Institute conducts Industrial Potentiality Survey for different districts with the focus on physical and geographical features, availability of natural & human resources and the present status of Industrial Development as well as availability of infrastructural facilities for further industrial development. In this study some of the viable items in the SME sector are identified which can be promoted in the district based on available surplus resources and demand factor.

    2. Preparation of Status Report:
      This Institute every year prepares the status report on different items incorporating the detail information on the no. of units existing,  total production capacity, etc. on individual product.  This report provides an insight to know the prospects for creating additional capacity.

    3. Preparation of Specialized Reports:
      This Institute undertakes studies and prepares various specialized reports assigned from time to time.

    4. Preparation of Orissa State Profile:
      This document works like a manual to the entrepreneurs, promotional  organizations and researchers as it covers various aspects like availability of natural resources, raw material, human resources, financial assistance, relevant technical services and scope for setting up new industries in the SME sector.

    5. Preparation of  Detailed Project Reports and Project Profiles:
      The technical officers of this Institute prepare new project profiles as well as update the old/ existing project profiles for the benefit and use of prospective entrepreneurs in their effort to set up SME units.

    6. Feasibility Reports :
      The officers of this Institute also prepare feasibility report of various projects wherein the techno-economic and  commercial viability of the project is reflected.

    7. Preparation of Directory:
      This Institute prepares various Industrial Directory including the detail information on the units relating to products, capacity, location, etc. which is quite useful for promotional organizations and entrepreneurs.

  12. Information & Data Bank:
    1. Small Enterprising Network (SENET):
      This Institute is having a computer system under the Small Enterprises Network (SENET) to store the valuable information to service the information need of the Small Scale Sector including the agencies involved in the promotion and development of SME sector.  The fastest facilities of E-mail and Website is also available to serve the above purpose within minimum finance.

    2. Technology Resource Centre: (TRC) :
      Obsolete Technology needs to be replaced with latest and appropriate technology to have global reach, for survival in the WTO regime with increased international competition, updating the technology is inevitable. But where to go for the right and authentic information on these technologies  ?. Ministry of MSME has initiated action by setting up of TRCs using the Small Enterprises Network having the wide spread reach to all the concerned agencies in SME Sector to serve technological information for the benefit of the small scale entrepreneurs.  The following services are offered through TRC/ SENET.

    Service Offered:

    1. One stop center for all technological needs
    2. Exclusive facilities for SME entrepreneur
    3. Dedicated technocrats for locating resources
    4. Advice on Right, Authentic & Cost Effective Technologies

    Information Available:

    1. Data Bank of various projects classified into different industry disciplines.
    2. SIDO and its services
    3. How to seek technology?
    4. How to apply for offering technology?
    5. Technology transfer mode
    6. All other leading technology transfer agencies
    7. Virtual exhibition  and  many other features
    8. Comprehensive information on Govt. policies on technology transfer, joint ventures, match making etc.
    9. Links to various national sites dealing with technologies for small and medium industries
    10. Access to wide range of database or industry information, consultants, machinery etc.
    11. Feasibility studies, potential surveys, project reports etc.
    12. Information on HRD, Training and consultancy.
    13. Directory of  SME Units


    1. All SME & Tiny Industries
    2. NGOs in the service of SMEs
    3. Consultants in the field
    4. Technology Transfer Agencies Seeking Link
    5. Technology Generators, including SMEs who want to offer their technologies
    6. International Agencies facilitating SMEs
    7. New/Prospective Entrepreneurs
    8. State/Central & Government department engaged in promotion of SMEs.

  13. Cluster Development:
  14. Under the Cluster  Approach for Development of SMEs, SIDO, Ministry of MSME has been implementing the scheme for various selected cluster to up-grade the technology and provide many Common Service Facilities to make the SMEs under the Clusters more vibrant and competitive. Suggestion from state of Orissa has also been sent to DC (MSME), New Delhi to select some cluster for appropriate development of SMEs in the State.

  15. Other Activities:
    1. Revival of Sick Units:
      For the revival  of sick SME units in the state, there is a  three tier Committee system  to take appropriate action for rehabilitation.  The District level committee (DLC) is functioning in each district.  The SLIIC is the apex Committee at the state level.  The Sub-committee of SLIIC is the decision making Committee for individual cases of sick SME units.  This Institute act as the Convener of this Sub-Committee.  Proposals received from DLC are discussed in the Sub-Committee for taking decisions.  The eligible cases are recommended to the SLIIC for approval for revival of the same.

    2. W.P.I. Information:
      This Institute collects production information (WPI) of sample SME units and dispatch to Government of India for preparation of Index of Industrial Production to estimate the growth of Industrial Sector at the All India Level including that of SME Sector.

    3. Coordination with DICs:
      This Institute maintains proper coordination with DICs under different activities for the benefit of existing as well as prospective entrepreneurs in the matters like Task Force Meeting,  Joint Capacity Assessment, arranging various awareness programmes, etc.

    4. Assistance to Weaker Section of the Society:
      This Institute undertakes some specialized programmes to assist the weaker section of the society like Women, SC/ST/ Minorities in their ventures. In the general programme also there is a reservation for the people belonging to these weaker section of the society.

    5. Recommendation of Units for various Awards:
      This Institute recommends SME units from the state to complete for various awards given at the National Level like Outstanding Entrepreneurship, Quality Products, National Productivity Award, Export Award, Energy Conservation Awards, etc.

    6. Market Surveys:
      The officers of this Institute conduct market survey for different products to know the demand supply gap which helps to know the viability of the item to set up the unit.