सूक्ष्म, लघु एवं मध्यम उद्यम विकास संस्थान, कटक

एमएसएमई मंत्रालय,भारत सरकार

निदेशक का संदेश

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises is considered as the pillar of economic growth in developed and developing countries of the world.  MSME sector is considered to be the engine of growth with 45% contribution to manufacturing output, 40% to export and 8 % of GDP. It includes more than 50 million people which is the highest after agriculture sector. MSME sector has contributed in significantly with an increase in govt. Revenue by 11% after the implementation of GST. MSMEs play a prominent role in the development of a country in terms of creating maximum employment opportunities for both self-employment and wage employment outside the agricultural sector, scaling manufacturing capabilities, curtailing regional disparities, balancing the distribution of wealth and significantly contributing to the GDP of the country. It has been recognised as the potential to drive “inclusive and sustainable growth” and ensure “decent work for all” for sustainable development. However, their growth potential in areas of innovation and productivity is often impeded by lack of access to finance and insufficient training and capacity building. Make in India, Digital India, Start up India, Stand up India, Skill India etc. initiatives have been taken by Government of India underlying the theme to make India hub of manufacturing. For balancing multiple challenges of economy, we must celebrate entrepreneurial legacy and consumption led growth model that can create job to harvest demographic dividend. "

Dr. S. K. Sahoo